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Storm Damage Repair - Vancouver, BC, Langley, Surry, White Rock, Burnaby, Coquitlam

storm damage / wind damage repair

Wind and Storm Damage in Vancouver's lower mainland is a part of life in BC. Broken and fallen trees, damaging houses and buildings are not uncommon.   Genesis has the expertise to quickly stabilize the structure, secure the premises, weatherproof it and then help you walk through the restoration process with your insurance company and the engineering firm. No job is too big or too small.

Storm damage - heavy snowGenesis Restorations are experienced in handling everything from minor landscaping repairs to replacement of mature trees and hedges.

Another side of storm and wind damage claims, is when trees fall on houses. This was a particularly common claim during the severe windstorms of November and December 2006. Genesis’ skill in damage assessment and repair expertise saved insurers tens of thousands in secondary damage.

Property damage can also be caused by snow. Heavy wet snow can cause severe collapse of roof and deck structures, ice damming where the gutters freeze and water backs up under roof flashings leaking into the building. Snow melting slowly and creeping over gutters tearing them down. These are all examples of the damage snow can do. The snowstorm of December 2008 was the most severe in recent decades for property damage claims.


Wind storm damage

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