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smoke and fire damage restoration

Fire and smoke damage restoration after a house fire, or commercial building fire, are some of the most dangerous environments that we work in as Professional Restoration company.

At Genesis our personnel are trained and experienced in conducting site safety and risk assessments prior to undertaking work in any premises that have sustained fire and smoke damage. In addition to structural and electrical considerations, there are many other potential hazards including: the presence of asbestos or other hazardous materials, slip and fall hazards due to water on floors and/or inadequate lighting, the collapsing or falling of unstable contents, drywall or other items, and the risks associated with potentially dangerous airborne toxins.

The health and safety of our clients and personnel is the first priority on all Genesis project sites.

At Genesis we routinely amaze our clients with our thoroughness and attention to detail while restoring smoke damaged contents and structures. By utilizing a variety of cleaning processes and techniques many items and materials are restorable to their previous condition and useful life. Specialty equipment such as HEPA air purifiers, ozone generators, ULV and ultra-sonic cleaning are only some of the tools at our disposal when removing the odors, soot and staining from smoke damaged buildings and contents. Our experienced Project Managers work with the involved insurance professionals to guide building occupants through the restoration process.

From the initial callout, inspection, emergency services and site security, through all structural repairs including building permits and inspections, engineering requirements and complete building reconstruction, Genesis can be depended upon to professionally manage all of your fire and smoke damage claims.



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