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Asbestos abatement or removal is a serious undertaking that is best left to asbestos abatement contractors. Asbestos cancer or mesothelioma is caused by inhalation of of asbestos. Asbestos is found in old tiles, pipes, shingles, siding and throughout older buildings.

Asbestos is found in many building materials and there are strict regulations for how asbestos abatement contractors and their employees must deal with it. Worksafe BC ( has many documents describing proper procedures for removal and handling of ACM (asbestos containing materials).

Some of the materials where asbestos can be commonly found are:

  • Nine inch VA (Vinyl Asbestos) floor tile
  • Black mastic – the adhesive which sticks the tile down
  • Vinyl flooring backing – the stiff paper backing on most flooring before 1990 and in some new off-shore manufactured products
  • Drywall mud - pre-1985 contained it
  • Roughtex – the heavy texture on many ceilings pre-1985
  • Duct tape – heavy white textured tape that is wrapped around heating ducts in older homes

Asbestos Removal in Vancouver BuildingGenesis technicians and managers have received training to collect asbestos samples, and perform moderate risk asbestos abatement jobs. High risk jobs are sub-contracted to specialty firms.

Any asbestos abatement company performing these procedures must file an NOP (Notice of Project) with Worksafe BC BEFORE doing the work. Ask to see a copy of this document and the written work procedures that the crew will be following. Unfortunately, many companies are placing building occupants at risk (especially homes) by taking shortcuts instead of following the regulated procedures.

Worksafe BC requires that all suspect materials installed prior to 1990 must be tested.

asbestos abatement & Testing

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