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Who is the Customer?

At Genesis, we believe the customer is the one who writes a cheque for the insurance premium. It is our goal, and a significant point of differentiation, to show this belief through the way we help each customer through the claim process.

The Collaborative Process:

As professionals, it is our duty to collaborate with every stakeholder in the process by presenting all the facts and the factors (from a contractor’s view), which must be considered to help each interested party come to a satisfying decision.

Who are the Stakeholders?

Every claim has a minimum of FIVE stakeholders and each one has an important perspective that requires consideration to enable a successful outcome.

  1. The Insurance company who is a ‘manufacturer’ of a product.
  2. The Insurance Adjuster is the ‘priest of the policy’. They interpret the policy wording and determine coverage.
  3. The Insurance Broker/Agent is a distributor of the product (the insurance policy).
  4. The Owner who bought the policy and is the ‘named insured’.
  5. The Restoration Contractor who provides service to the first four under the strict terms of the policy.

When I said minimum, it was because there can be a few more stakeholders. In certain circumstances we will also find:

  1. The Strata Council who have set bylaws in place, which may affect size and responsibility for deductibles.
  2. The Property Manager hired by an owner to oversee a range of duties relating to the property.
  3. The Tenant who is renting/leasing the property and may or may not have insurance to cover their responsibilities.
  4. The Trustee who is handling the affairs of the estate when the owner is incapable for a variety of reasons.

Compared to a renovation or a construction process where the stakeholders number two and sometimes three, one can quickly see why the process can be fraught with miscommunication.


At Genesis, we follow the ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for professisonal water damage restoration. This document is the industries 'bible' and we believe by following these proven guidelines, we ensure the job gets done correctly.


A timely response is very important.

As the diagram to the right shows, time is not your friend.

If you are not sure about whether the damage is big enough to claim, call us and we will help you make that determination.




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