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Hi Graham:

I just wanted to say thanks for the support you’ve provided at several of our sites lately. The feedback from our managers has been very good. Genesis Restoration’s responsiveness and quality of work has kept the pickiest of our clients happy and as you’ve noticed word of mouth advertising has multiplied the sites that have called for emergency help.



Mitch Weimer
Director, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Lower Mainland Facilities Management
Fraser Health, Providence Health, Provincial Health, Vancouver Coastal Health ~
Jan 2012

Burst Water Pipe 

“Just a note to say Thank You for the excellent service provided by your company on (New Years Eve) Thursday Dec. 31st, when we had a water pipe burst in the basement of our home in Pitt Meadows. We phoned Genesis on Thursday afternoon and within the hour, your project manager, Ken Reich, provided prompt and courteous service.  He had arranged for Dennis to take care of clean-up. 

On Mon. Jan. 4th the clean-up crew of Rodney and assistant arrived first thing to complete the job and clean the carpets.  The work done was excellent! Mr. Reich returned shortly after to make sure the work was completed to our satisfaction.  We sincerely appreciate how smoothly and quickly everyone came together to get the job done. All of your staff were very polite, kind and respectful and did a fantastic job! 

Thank you very much!” 

Mr. & Mrs. Gagné
Pitt Meadows, January 2010

Fire Damage

“Genesis has done work for our company on many different occasions. The type of work varies from odour elimination due to fires to acid cleaning of our patented aluminum van body construction. His work has always been fast and efficient with prompt service to accommodate my customers with less down time.”

R. Van Seters
Service Manager, Intercontinental Truck Body

“Ron, I would take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that you have provided us in restoring our building and getting our tenants back up and running after the October fire. Your professional but friendly nature and attention to details have made the whole project a lot easier for all of us.”

H. Louie
Vancouver, April 2007

Ceiling Water Damage after Storm

“You can’t even tell where the damage was… The ‘spackling’ patch and match was AMAZING. I’m thrilled. Dennis’ workmanship is fabulous.”

L. Packham
Surrey, January 2007

Water Damage

“Coming home and discovering serious water damage is a traumatic experience, particularly when you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to ensure it wouldn’t happen. The speed and professionalism displayed in the ‘take charge’ way you and your experienced staff dealt with the problem, made us feel we were in competent hands.

“While the total cost was more than first estimated, so was the extent of the damage. You did the right thing by digging deeper to discover and repair all the damage now to avoid more expense in the future. The sub trades maintained the high standards of competence and craftsmanship Genesis set at the outset. This resulted in a totally professional restoration of our home to as good as new condition. You may use us as a reference to any clients seeking a quality Company to do quality work.”

Senator Edward Lawson
Surrey, February 2001

“Genesis Restorations Ltd. has provided emergency restoration services for the Township of Langley since 1999. This has included water removal, drying and damage repairs for Township rental houses and municipal facilities. We have found their service to be of a very high quality. Their responses have been very timely, often coming out evenings and weekends on short notice. Their quality of workmanship has been very high, with the ability to leave an area with no evidence of water damage.”

E. Erickson
Facilities Supervisor, Langley 2007

“Ron. Thank you! You truly are a modern day hero. We wish to express our gratitude for your dealings with the recent ‘flood’ in our home. We very much appreciate the time and personal attention you gave to our situation. Your determination and professional manner has assisted us greatly through this trying time. It is such a pleasure to encounter someone that ‘goes the extra mile’ to ensure a positive outcome for all involved.”

L. Falconer
West Vancouver, January 2007

“On June 29, 2007 I arrived home at 3pm to find water pouring out of the pressure valve on top the main intake supply in the basement of our house. After switching off the supply I found water coming through the laminated flooring in the recreation room as I walked across it.

“This was a stressful situation for me not only because of the problem noted above but knowing this was the Friday afternoon of a long weekend and we probably would have to wait until after the long weekend before anything would be done (past experience).

“We called the Prospera Insurance (Clayburn Branch) and were directed to call immediately Genesis Restorations and explain the circumstances.

“I telephoned Genesis right after I hung up from Prospera and a very calming voice (Andrea) answered the phone. After informing her of our problem, she calmly stated that she would call a Project Manager who would call me within 10 minutes. Yeh right!!??

“Within 6 minutes the Project Manager Kyle Siguoin telephoned me and stated he would be coming from Langley and would be at our home within the hour to take control of everything and for me to just relax.

“Unbelievably, he arrived within the hour. Again Kyle stated for me to "put my feet up and relax, he would take care of everything". Within minutes Kyle was on the phone instructing staff on what equipment to bring to our home. He stayed until after all the equipment was put in place and explained step by step the process (work and time wise) of how the problem would be resolved.

“Right from start to finish Genesis (Kyle and his team) provided friendly, excellent service and great workmanship!! I would highly recommend Genesis Restorations (Kyle Siguoin - PM) to anyone for their professionalism, workmanship and commitment to ensure total satisfaction with us, the home owner.

“I would also like to thank Ms. Jean Sparkes (GM Prospera Insurance) for putting us, the Prospera client, first by not following 'old standard procedures' of having the adjuster called first and by having Prospera team up with a great team of people at Genesis Restorations Ltd. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation all around!!”

Mike Adkins

“Genesis Restoration - A note of thanks

Learning your home is fallible is an unsettling feeling. When not one, but two, small leaks developed in the cold water pipe running above our unit in the ceiling created a swamp like atmosphere in our condo, with every conceivable pot and pan used for catching falling drops of water, and a ceiling ready to collapse in different locations, our home became uncomfortable and unfamiliar to us. With an infant son, our attention turned quickly to mold, and its malicious capabilities.
A call was placed to Genesis Restoration, and upon speaking to Graham, I immediately felt at least a measure of relief: it was clear that h e was not only knowledgeable, but took our situation extremely seriously. He would be sending over his team within hours to inspect.
When Terry, the project manager arrived, he quickly assessed and began a thorough tracking of the water damage, leaving no stone unturned. As Terry made the analysis another member of the team, Shawn, arrived and the two began removing the damaged drywall and commencing the drying process. They worked efficiently, and answered every question we had with focus and sincerity. Their expertise even prevented having to pull up any floorboards, after discovering water had penetrating the floor in a localized area, and mats and drying equipment were brought in to remove any moisture.
My wife and I feel lucky to have had Genesis Restoration handle our flood restoration, and recommend anyone do the same.

Regan Payne  ~ Feb 2012

Carpet Cleaning

“Mr. Rhodes called in for a carpet cleaner. Naturally I gave him your number. He called back today and said Phil did a superb job. They are thrilled with the work and service they received.”

Shell Busey’s House Smart Referral Network, June 2007

“I had directed a lady who called frantic about a blood stain on her carpets to Phil, our carpet technician. She later called back to say he was the only one who would help her and saved her from having to buy new carpets. She was so grateful…”

C. Giraud
Receptionist at Genesis, August 2007

“We had Phil clean our carpets last Tuesday and we thought he did a great job, and was a wonderful person to deal with. We will definitely be using you again for all of our carpet cleaning needs.”

C. Ircha
Burnaby, July 2007

“I want to let you know how good a job the fellow did on the carpets. I’ve used bigger ‘name’ firms in the past who did an adequate job… but today’s work is far superior…as he was able to remove problems which others could never do. Plus, he didn’t try and tack on other treatments which I don’t feel I want. He was polite, quick, informative and thoroughly professional. I’ll call Genesis again.”

B. Forst
Richmond, June 2007

Mold Remediation

“This letter will introduce Genesis Restorations Ltd., who performed work involving the removal and replacement of mould contaminated materials at our centre. Genesis employees were properly qualified for such work and maintained worker safety procedures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and complied with environmental and worker safety laws.

“Genesis was accommodating of our consultant’s time schedule and worked cooperatively with PHH and provided insightful information for our consultant’s benefit.

“Genesis was sensitive to the implications that the owners of our Shopping Centre could be faced with regarding future claims targeting contractors, architects, property managers, lenders, owners and just about anyone else responsible for the well being of the tenants, properties or buildings. They provided us with digital photography of their findings, together with photos of the progressive work regarding the mould remediation.

“Genesis worked cooperatively with our affected tenants, which went a long ways in maintaining a positive relationship between the Landlord and Tenant during the remediation period.

“The work was generally completed on schedule and on budget and we were able to receive substantial performance inspection, evidencing that the mould contaminated building materials had been effectively remediated.

“We would use Genesis Restorations Ltd. again for similar work, as we found them to be professional and reliable in their work.”

R. McCready,CSM
Surrey, April 2006

"I do want to thank you most sincerely for the excellent work done by everyone involved in the repair work. Every single person was extremely professional. I heard no foul language, they were considerate and acommodating, and they did a great job."

Port. Moody, November 2008


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