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company history

In 1990, Graham began Genesis Carpet and Upholstery Care with a desire to provide the highest service level possible. With a philosophy of “learn and grow”, he took course after course until he became one of the most respected technical minds in our industry, both locally and across North America. In the meantime, Genesis grew from a small home based carpet cleaning business to a multi-branch company and one licensee.

Key to Genesis’ success to date has been Graham’s passion for every aspect of Restoration and Remediation, with the Environmental aspects of this business being particularly close to his heart.

As a result, special people with superior skills have joined this company to create an outstanding team that believes in “Creating Order From Chaos”.

Mission Statement

“creating order from chaos” throughout the property restoration industry through a culture that respects and honours our clients and each other. The Genesis team achieves this through technical excellence and unparalleled efficiency. Our goal is for every person we serve through Genesis to feel uplifted by the experience.

Vision Statement

We aim to create a highly effective team environment that provides a challenging and rewarding career opportunity for dynamic, resourceful individuals.


Genesis’ reputation for healing the loss in the mind of the insured is second to none. Recognizing that every loss begins in crisis. They show their care for each person and bring a sense of calm to the situation by being proactive communicators and bringing to bear their resources to restore the damage in a timely manner.

Committed to respecting and resolving situations with care and expertise since 1990.


President's Vision of Leadership:

  • Visionary – to see clearly where to go
  • Communicator – to articulate ideas clearly
  • Sales Ability – to create desire to follow
  • Strong - principled
  • Courageous – does what’s right
  • Wise – applied knowledge
  • Risks – doesn’t always play ‘safe’, manages risk
  • Vulnerable – humble
  • Flexible – always willing to learn, grow, and change
  • Patient – not easily angered
  • Kind – ‘pay it forward’
  • Fair – considers context. Compensates people
    based on value creation.
  • Not rude or self-seeking – treat people with
    respect and honor
  • Always protects – everyone watches each other’s backs
  • Always trusts – empower and release giftedness
  • Always hopes – believe in your people’s desire to succeed
  • Always perseveres – problems are constant, never give up

I believe that Teamwork applies the above leadership principles to create effective relationships between team members. Each member applies these ‘rules’ to their ‘circle of influence’.

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