Water damage, Sewage backup, Mould, Storm damage, Vehicle impact, Trauma and Board up

Water damage

A water pipe at home has burst
It’s unbelievable. This mess is the worst!
Your shoes just went floating by
You’re overwhelmed and wanna cry.
Hurry now, give Genesis a call
Over the years we’ve dealt with it all.

Water damage that is not addressed promptly and professionally can lead to more extensive damages to building materials and contents, including mould growth, bacterial growth/cross contamination, and dry rot of structural building materials.

Our trained and experienced Water Damage Restorers, using a variety of techniques and specialized equipment, will determine how much water has gotten in the building, and where it is. We will then get rid of the water and rebuild your property. We work throughout Metro Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

Sewage backup

You’ve been hit with a sewage back-up
And your mind is about to crack up.
You’re overwhelmed with smell and disgust
In times like these who can you trust?
To clean your home of germs and poo
Call Genesis, we’re the team for you.

Like flooding from burst water pipe, a sewer backup needs prompt professional attention to ensure the problem gets dealt with and no unpleasant surprises are left lurking.

We will thoroughly evaluate the affected area and implement appropriate work procedures based on the source and potential contamination of the water. We have extensive experience and training dealing with sewage and other contamination.

We offer 24-hour emergency services, including extraction and pump-out. We can also offer odour treatment. We’ll leave your property smelling clean and new.

All work will be done by our trained and certified technicians. We serve communities across the Lower Mainland and around BC.


If mould on a window, wall or ceiling.
Is a problem with which you’re dealing
We won’t scold or wag our finger
We’ll get it gone, won’t let it linger.
Then we’ll help you keep it away
And not grow back some other day.

Mould in homes can cause serious health issues for your family.

To permanently deal with mould, you can’t just kill it. You have to remove it, and then you have to change the environment that allowed it to grow in the first place. And mould growth indoors occurs because water is where it should not be.

Genesis takes a common-sense approach to mould remediation, applying known science and the accepted industry standard of care to eliminate the unhealthy contaminants.

Our Mould Remediation Technicians are the Lower Mainland's experts in mould remediation.

Storm damage

There’s been a break, there’s been a breach
And now your living room has a beach,
Complete with water and ducks and reeds.
That’s something nobody needs!
To get it cleaned up and all set right
Call the Genesis team right now, tonight.

If your property has been impacted by a storm, you’ve been handed several problems at once. You might have a ruptured gas line or a tree through your roof and – guaranteed – you have water damage.

Genesis Restorations has helped home owners and property managers across Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland deal with the biggest storms in the region. We know how to prioritize the urgent work and juggle repairs so that work on one problem doesn’t interfere with work on another.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, and can stabilize, secure, and weatherproof the structure. We’ll document the damage with digital photos and help you walk through the restoration process with your insurance company and the engineering firm. No job is too big or too small.

Vehicle impact

That Facebook “like” just couldn’t wait
When he looked up it was too late.
He’d parked his car in your kitchen
And now your home, it needs some fixin’.
The walls are open, the roof is too
What on earth are ya gonna do?
Call Genesis - we’ve got the crew
To set all this right for you.

Depending on where and how hard a vehicle hits a structure, there are a lot of different building systems that may need repairs. At Genesis, we have the expertise to quickly stabilize the structure, weatherproof it and secure the property.

We’ll help you through the restoration process with your insurance company and the engineering firm. And then, depending on the extent of the damage, we’ll either bring your property back to code ourselves or bring in a qualified team to do the work.

We’ve been supporting property owners across Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for 30 years now. No job is too big or too small.


Your space has seen chaos, turmoil, trauma
We’ll sort it out, there’ll be no drama.
We’ll remove biohazards that could hide and wait
To harshly affect you at a later date.
Then we’ll put back together what’s been torn apart
And give your space a fresh new start.

Emergency responders do not clean up the scene when they have finished their work, but property owners attempting such a cleanup on their own risk exposure to serious, life-altering health risks such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, or post-traumatic stress.

Working with the thoroughly trained professionals from Genesis - people with the right mindset, skillset, and tools to safely do this type of clean up - can protect you from those risks.

Our staff will respond quickly and will follow industry standards and best practices to restore the environment to safety once again. We serve the entire Lower Mainland and have extensive experience in this challenging field. Call us today.

Board up

The building’s empty, patiently waiting
While the owners its fate are contemplating.
We’ll board it up tight, bar unwanted guests
And keep your asset looking its best.
We’ll keep it safe and all intact
Until the owners are ready to act.

Whether it’s abandoned, being sold, under renovation, or awaiting a development permit, an unoccupied building can attract trouble.

Genesis will board up the windows and doors, tidy up and fence the property (if needed), and monitor the site regularly to prevent hazards – human or otherwise – from undermining the value of your asset.

We’ve been helping property owners and managers in Metro Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland for 30 years, and have the experience and knowledge to help you too.

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