Infection control

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Infection control’s our specialty
It’s an important system most don’t see.
The biggest builders call us direct
Our vast experience they respect.
We’re very knowledgeable, very skilled
We’re the ones they want on their health care build.
Give us a call, you’ll soon understand
Why our skills are so in demand.

Not only can Genesis Restorations design good infection control systems, we can also install and maintain the components for you. And our project leaders and staff have been thoroughly trained in effective implementation of infection control systems, so you know the work will be done right.

If you’re working on a health care facility in the Lower Mainland or across BC, and want to work with a highly experienced subtrade, give the Genesis Restorations infection control team a call. We take pride making your health care facility “in-hospital-able” to airborne hazards.


Doing your work while the doctors do theirs
Is a reno challenge beyond compare.
Dust and debris must be contained
Or patient illnesses might be inflamed.
Not many companies are up to this task
But the Genesis team? We’re good – just ask!

In fact, not only is Genesis good, we’re the perfect company to handle a renovation project in an active, functioning health care facility.

We have both the training and experience to handle the misfortunes that might befall a building – storm damage, vehicle impact, water or sewer backup – as well as training and experience in infection control.

So whether your health care facility renovation is a long-planned upgrade or an urgent fix, and wherever you are located in BC, Genesis Restorations can handle the project, and do it right.


The hospital’s open, the wards are hopping
But the maintenance work, it knows no stopping.
Clean filters, fresh paint or a new door knob -
No matter the task, no matter the job
When work like this is being done
Infection control is goal number one.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping health care facilities as safe as possible for patients, but while that work is actually in progress, it can pose a risk. From drywall work to changing air filters, there are many ways harmful substances can become airborne and therefore exposed to patients, staff, and visitors.

Following infection control best practices is the only prudent thing to do.

Genesis staff have training and experience in infection control, as well as training and experience in a wide range of building work, so whether the task is a day, week, month, or year, we can handle it, and do it right.

Proudly serving communities across the Lower Mainland and around BC for more than 30 years.


Your planning partner from the very start,
We’ll design systems that are safe and smart.
For a hospital that’s easily maintained
And cleanliness standards always sustained,
With infection control that’ll work just right
To keep dust and debris outta sight.

Patient safety is the driving force behind everything that happens at a health care facility, and infection control is no exception. Yet thorough, effective, minimally disruptive work doesn’t just happen - it needs to be built into the plan.

The team at Genesis Restorations has the experience and training to help you identify the risks and design the kind of infection control system that is appropriate for your facility. Call us today and let’s get to work. We serve communities across the Lower Mainland and around BC.

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