Asbestos, Vermiculite, Lead and Disposal


Oh, Asbestos, we used to think
You were so good, you were so fine.
Now we know we were out of our minds.
And in rubble you’re real trouble.
To keep those fibres from my eyes, lungs, clothes
Gotta call Genesis, the abatement pros.

Asbestos was used in a wide range of building materials for many years, so it is found in most buildings around the Lower Mainland and across BC.

Science now shows that asbestos fibres can cause cancer if drawn into the lungs. To protect workers and occupants, WorkSafe BC has established strict safety protocols for handling materials that may contain asbestos, including tiles, pipes, shingles, and siding installed before 1990.

If you are facing renovation or restoration work, call Genesis. Our staff have the training and proper equipment to do abatement work – so we can help keep you, and those around you, safe. We also consult on remediation work plans.


Vermiculite’s handy, it’s very true
There really is a lot it can do.
But with asbestos it’s often found
So keeping it in the house? That’s unsound!
Your health and safety to improve
The vermiculite you must remove
Gotta keep it sealed up tight.
I’ll call Genesis, they’ll do it right.

Vermiculite is often found in the blown-in insulation in attics of older homes. It looks harmless - like a big pile of dryer lint – but contains cancer-causing asbestos. To protect workers and occupants, there are strict safety protocols for handling materials like vermiculite.

Genesis has been providing abatement services for Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for many years. Our experienced team can provide containment and removal work performed to the industry standard of care, or can consult on your remediation work plan. Call us today, and let us help keep you and those around you safe.


“Get scraping” means just go faster
But with lead paint, that’s a disaster
Slow down, get experts, let ‘em do it right
And get those paint flakes sealed up tight.
Lead paint on your siding, window or wall?
The folks at Genesis are the ones to call!

Products that contain lead need to be handled properly during renovation and restoration work to ensure that lead particles do not get into the air.

And it’s not just paint. Lead is found in products from wall panels to plumbing, so you need to talk to the adaptable, experienced pros at Genesis Restorations.

Over our decades in the business serving Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we’ve seen it all, and worked with it all. We know the best way to proceed for maximum safety – including the right way to dispose of the waste.

Call us today, and you won’t be “lead” astray.


You’re like Superman with that big red S
Emblazoned across your capable chest.
Smart and skilled, you’re able indeed.
The only help you might really need?
Haz mat disposal done fast, done right.
Genesis can take it outta sight.
We know where to go and what to do
To safely handle that waste for you.

Dealing with hazardous materials at a construction site is challenging enough. But getting rid of that waste can be an equally big challenge.

There are a lot of facilities around Metro Vancouver that accept waste, but each one has rules about what they will and won’t accept, and has their own procedures, forms, hours and fees.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out! Do what you do best, and let the reliable, experienced professionals at Genesis handle the rest.

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